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Decentraland is Investing $5 Million in innovative VR blockchain gaming teams

To encourage innovation and growth in decentralized online gaming, Decentraland will be investing a total of $5 million in project financing to be shared among the top applicants of its Genesis Content Program. 


All studios are welcome: whether you’re a small group of indie game developers or a seasoned, professional studio. The Decentraland platform presents an entirely new and unexplored opportunity for designing virtual experiences in the form of blockchain-based games: games that leverage Ethereum’s decentralized consensus to provide provably scarce digital assets, while simultaneously allowing developers to monetize their games on a borderless, worldwide financial network.

Here is an idea of the type of games the team is looking for

  • Scavenger hunts: in these games, players are able to collect and catalog tokenized, digital assets from different areas of the world. LAND owners can take part by hosting game assets on their parcels to attract visitors, and players are incentivized to explore larger areas of the world.
  • Skill competitions: in skill competitions, players face off one-on-one in smaller playspaces in a variety of skill-based games, similar to an arcade or amusement park.
  • Crafting: by providing different tokenized “crafting materials”, players can craft unique, immutable 3D content to host on their LAND or decorate their avatar. Allowing users to craft their own non-fungible digital assets introduces additional rarity and the potential for other emergent features.
  • Parcels as play squares: large-scale, cooperative games can use the map as a giant game board. With that information, you can play, as community teams, games like Go and Battleship with a long time horizon.
  • Loot crate games: in loot crate games, players can buy, create, and store loot crates containing different assets and content for other players to discover and interact with.

That being said teams like Etheremon have some amazing things ahead for Decentraland on their roadmap and this could be the shape to come. 

To send in your proposal for consideration, complete and submit this form.

The Genesis Content Program will be ongoing, with no limited timeframe.

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