The Future Iz Meow!

The CatsAndVR GDC2018 Student Of The Month is ᴉɥɐʌǝɟᴉʌǝɥɐʇ

Yeah, so since VR is still kinda a joke is their really a need for a April Fool post. Just jesting but I still have so many actual GDC posts to do. So instead here is a small sample of the work of the CatsAndVR GDC2018 Student Of The Month, ᴉɥɐʌǝɟᴉʌǝɥɐʇ

I did an actual interview with Mr. I Have Five Hat at GDC but my SD card got corrupted so just letting you know hew makes weird glitch games. Most recently his ASMR minimalist game Whisper built during the GDC train jam got some critical acclaim.

Last years Student Of The Month Shylo Shepard went on to continue making games. We look forward to the same from  ᴉɥɐʌǝɟᴉʌǝɥɐʇ*/ihavefivehat

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