The Future Iz Meow!

Manus VR brings full arm tracking to HTC Vive.

For now, the HTC Vive brings you the most immersive right out of the box VR experience out of any on the market HMD due to its excellent motion controls. As we are now looking at a time when a quality VR experience is achievable on a consumer level, more and more immersion is desired. 

I once played Surgeon Simulator in a padded room just for a tad bit more immersion and I love using a SubPac for full audio immersion.  Everyone developing for VR is looking on how it can be more immersive. Enter Manus VR. Manus VR recently released this video showing full arm tracking being developed for HTC Vive. The have been working on hand tracking but this is a great step and I am excited for what Manus VR is bringing to the VR table. This will be very applicable not to just gaming but for training simulators and a wide array of VR productivity applications. Personally, I want to see the VR boxing games of the future. Punch Club 3000!

The Manus is the first consumer data-glove specifically designed for virtual reality. It tracks hand movement using a combination of high-tech sensors all contained inside the glove. With this technology, The Manus provides accurate and reliable hand tracking. Bluetooth integration makes The Manus completely wireless, giving gamers a no strings attached mobile VR experience. 

To make it easy to develop, the software is completely open-source. This makes it an incredible opportunity for game developers. The Manus offers a immersive and intuitive interaction not found in any other device on consumer market, enabling a revolutionary new VR experience. 

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