The Future Iz Meow!

Award winning VR FPS VINDICTA has a great update to go along with a great price drop.

Vindicta is a great VR FPS that is able to stand out from a very crowded marketplace with its innovative control scheme, smooth gun combat, and art style that seems like a mix of Portal and Half-Life. Vindicta was the winner of the recent Pocket Gamer VR Indie Pitch in San Francisco that included some amazing games including the upcoming game from CatsAndVR. 

VINDICTA recently got a great new update and a price drop to $14.99 making the game more accessible as the team enters full release mode 

This update, entitled The Hive, answers a lot of the comments people had and includes a lot of new content to make the shooter experience even more fun! 

Here are just a few of the features in the new update. 

  • Overall fixes and adjustments
  • Optimized enemy AI - enemies now seek you out and follow you
  • Melee weapon - for out of ammo situations
  • The Hive - new level with an hour worth of gameplay, awesome puzzles and tricky arena fights!
  • Each existing level now has 15-30min more gameplay time
  • 3 new enemy types
  • New collectible shield
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