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The Walking Dead' Bites into Virtual Reality with Multiple VR Games Announce

Skybound Entertainment, the creator-focused multiplatform entertainment company founded by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, has partnered with Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, to develop a number of original virtual reality video games based on the expansive world of The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead VR game will be the inaugural co-developed title from both companies.

In a multi-year strategy, the two companies are collaborating to produce an unparalleled gaming experience that will offer millions of fans and gamers the opportunity to engage, interact, and immerse into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead and its characters in virtual reality. The first game will feature an entirely new setting and cast of characters, which players will experience through an innovative contextual interaction system – a first-of-its-kind for The Walking Dead in VR.

“Skydance’s ability to build worlds and tell compelling stories matches with our goal to bring The Walking Dead fans new narratives and ways to engage with the world Robert Kirkman created, while staying true to his original vision,” said Skybound Entertainment CEO David Alpert and Skybound Entertainment Managing Partner Jon Goldman in a joint statement. “Skydance Interactive is the ideal partner for the team Dan Murray has created for Skybound Interactive.”

The Walking Dead is an iconic phenomenon and it is absolutely thrilling to work with Skybound to bring its incredibly diverse cast of characters, settings, and storylines together into a complete VR game package,” said Skydance Media Chief Executive Officer David Ellison and President and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Sisgold in a joint statement. “Our goal at Skydance Interactive is to honor the visceral world that Kirkman has created while giving The Walking Dead’s fans something to really sink their teeth into with robust games that take the franchise to a completely new level.”

The Walking Dead has expanded from an Eisner award winning comic book series to captivate audiences around the world as the #1 show on television, a blockbuster game franchise, licensing business, and ongoing publishing success.

Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media that launched in April of 2016, recently announced that its first original VR title, Archangel, will be available across all VR console platforms starting in July of 2017Skybound Entertainment recently released its first original VR game, Giant Cop: Justice Above All with partner Other Ocean.

The Oculus Launchpad Development Blog: Week 1 Day 1

First of all I want to thank everyone at Oculus and Facebook for allowing me to be part of an amazing opportunity. Words cannot describe how I feel on Week 1 Day 1...wait they can. Nervous, Anxiety Filled, Hopeful, and most importantly grateful for allowing me to be included among the 99 other talented individuals in the second Launch Pad class. So many individuals to thank but I will start with Ebony Peay Ramirez-Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at Oculus VR. Without her pushing how important Launchpad is the event may not have happened this weekend. She put together an excellent event with some amazing mentors and organizers including Robin Hunicke, Sarah Stumbo, Chris Pruett, Jason Rubin, Yelena Rachitsky, Jewel Lim, Bernard Yee, Dorian Dargan, Isabel Tewes, Trevor Dasch, Stephanie Vazquez and sooo many more including the awesome legal department who had a presentation FULL of Cats. I'm just going to say to Launch Pad Class 2 lets do the best we can so Launch Pad Class 3 gets the same opportunity.

One year ago I started in order to not just be a spectator of VR but to be an active participant. However my Oculus story goes way back to E3 2013 when I stumbled across CCP's EVE VR demo and got to try DK1. Eventually I pre ordered a DK2....and then canceled it cause I needed to take care of some unfortunate financial moments. I regretted that for a long time until I started CatsAndVR.

When I woke up one morning and decided my two passions in life was to be cats and vr as well as the fact that URL was still available I decided this was my chance at VR redemption. It has been a very interesting journey. Around this time last year I took a Greyhound to LA to see if I could get into E3. They said my Alexa ranking was not high enough and I stood there for about 30 minutes expounding on my passion for VR. I eventualy won them over. I went to E3 that year for one singular reason, Virtual Reality. 

I was really excited to try the PS VR cause it looked like a way for me to finally afford high quality VR. Unfortunately the Playstation booth was a cluster. I was a bit down but decided to go to Oculus. It was there I met a momentary savior who kept my inspiration alive. While waiting in line to check out a demo I was approached by an Oculus rep who liked my look (lol) and asked if I wanted to play a game against Palmer Luckey who from now on shall be referred to as The Unspoken.  So in reality the first time I ever used the Touch controls was against Palm...The Unspoken on the E3 FB Live stream. I went from not getting into E3 to that! You can check me playing Dead And Buried with the Unspoken one in the video below at the 51 minute mark.


So its about a year later and I just finished the start of Oculus Launchpad and here is my next move.

An amazing friend of mine Alex Q Ryan was giving me a pass to go to E3....I just turned it down to start working on my Launchpad project right away so the next time I go to E3 I don't go as a spectator but I will go as an active participant. I am very nervous as though I have supported a team with Unity on both the product and business side enough to push them to the Super Bowl I have never had to be Lebron James. Well now is the time I have to be a witness for my own development.

There were so many amazing people I met from those trying to show their parents that they made the right choice pursuing art to those daring to show the world that the time is right to use technology for the greater good of inclusion.  I am humbled to have been included in LaunchPad Class 2 and look forward to what these New Mutants of VR bring forward to the world.....and really hope I can bring to the world what I have in my crazy universe of a mind. 

So Mote It Be. 

Week 1 Day 1.

PS Mad props to my new BFF David Solito who allowed me to crash out as his place for the weekend so I can use my Launchpad cash for development. Facebook is SUPER lucky to have you as part of the team. 




Dean Takahashi's GamesBeat events are the type of events you want to skip work for. You may get to talk Rick And Morty with John Underkoffler.

Dean Takahashi pretty much said during his panel at the last GamesBeat summit that you are 100% better off skipping a day or two of of work in order to go to one of the events he puts together. He is absolutely right! These events have less of the super networking vibes of the W hotel during GDC and is more of a Socratic critical thinking forum to snap you out of your tech daze. During the event I went to I felt no one was trying to sell me an ideology or a glimpse of the future but just real talk on how did we get to the place in tech we are and share insights on how you too can predict the future. 

At the last event I got to talk to John Underkoffler, a HUGE pioneer in Augmented Interface growth and direction into the future. Don't know the name? Remember the data interface from Minority Report? Well, it's real, John Underkoffler invented it — as a point-and-touch interface called g-speak. 

John Underkoffler led the team that came up with this interface, called the g-speak Spatial Operating Environment. His company, Oblong Industries, was founded to move g-speak into the real world. Oblong is building apps for aerospace, bioinformatics, video editing and more. But the big vision is ubiquity: g-speak on every laptop, every desktop, every microwave oven, TV, dashboard. "It has to be like this," he says. "We all of us every day feel that. We build starting there. We want to change it all."
Before founding Oblong, Underkoffler spent 15 years at MIT's Media Laboratory, working in holography, animation and visualization techniques, and building the I/O Bulb and Luminous Room Systems. He also took some time to break down Rick And Morty for my limited mind. 

This year, GamesBeat 2017: Time Machine is parked right on that event horizon:

Early bird registration is open now — just in time for E3 — and the discount is solid: Sign up today and you’ll save 40 percent off the full-price ticket. Register now for GamesBeat 2017 and save $395!

Speakers Include

  • Steven Roberts, chairman of ESL, the biggest independent esports tournament company
  • Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, creator of Eve Online and VR games such as Eve Valkyrie
  • Bernie Stolar, CEO of The Stolar Group and former head at Sony’s U.S. PlayStation business and Sega of America 

At GamesBeat 2017: Time Machine, will dive into the parts of gaming that are driving excitement, triggering powerful growth, and launching the startups that are about to transform the industry.

River Ecosystem is more than just Mike Rothenberg. It's a fucking ecosystem of hungry innovators and tech talents looking to prove themselves. Check out just a few.

River Ecosystem, a consulting firm that provides services to frontier technology startups and hosts the annual River Accelerator program, today announced veteran Bay Area entrepreneur Jimmy Ku, and Techstars and River Accelerator alumnus Nick Canafax, as partners.

Ku brings over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and networking expertise to River Ecosystem. His new role at River Ecosystem draws upon his experience as a three-time founder -- Loup, Mobiley and GoPlanit, which was selected as a finalist for the TechCrunch 50 Conference -- and his passion for connecting people through immersive and insightful programs and events.

"River Ecosystem and its accelerator program have a stellar track record helping innovative companies push the boundaries of frontier technology," said Ku. "Like any early stage entrepreneur, I understand the importance of connecting with the right people to bring big ideas to life. As a new partner at River Ecosystem, my key role is to infuse fresh thinking and energy into our members business plans, and help them address the tough questions so that they're able to flourish."


Canafax has worked behind the scenes as the president of River Ecosystem since September 2016, while continuing to serve in an advisory capacity with Artificial Intelligence company Rival Theory, where he is also a founding member. As a partner with River Ecosystem, Canafax will assume greater responsibilities interfacing directly with its class participants. Prior to joining River Ecosystem, Canafax graduated from the second River Accelerator class, and graduated from the Techstars accelerator program before that.

"As a River Accelerator alumnus, I know first-hand what the program can offer to budding frontier technology entrepreneurs, including unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities with investors and industry luminaries, and access to developmental resources during the critical first year," said Canafax. "Having worked with dozens of inspiring founders and entreprenuers, River Ecosystem is one of the most dynamic and creative startup consulting firms in the world. It's through this experience we'll help the next generation startups achieve their vision -- turning dreamers into doers."

Ku and Canafax take on their respective leadership roles at a busy time for the firm. Both will oversee the selection process for the Fall 2017 class of River Accelerator, an innovative startup incubation program focused on indentifying and fostering frontier technologies such as VR/AR, AI, machine learning, computer vision, drones, 3D printing, and more. The River Accelerator provides startups with mentorship from top frontier tech leaders through the River Network, creative space in the River Lounge in SOMA, and the opportunity to present at the River Accelerator Demo Day and Founder Field Day at AT&T Park. River Ecosystem partners with Rothenberg Ventures to provide $100,000+ of investment to startups in the River Accelerator.

This fourth River Accelerator program, set to launch September 12, will ultimately join the prestigious River Accelerator alumni network of over 40 companies, including Fove, Emblematic, Roqovan, Psious, Boom Supersonic, and EmergentVR, that collectively have gone on to raise over $100M in funding from investors including Accel, Google Ventures, Samsung NEXT Ventures, and Colopl VR Fund.

Following the kick-off of the new River Accelerator program, River Ecosystem will host the fourth-annual Founder Field Day at AT&T Park on November 13. Ku and Canafax will be an intergral part of the team bringing together sponsorship partners, investors, and founders within the River Network to facilitate valuable connection between frontier technology entrepreneurs, startups, and investors.

"When given the opportunity to bring Jimmy and Nick into River Ecosystem as new partners, I immediately knew I was bringing together the dream team to foster a new phase of growth," said Mike Rothenberg, chairman and founder of River Ecosystem. "Between their shared experience as founders of previous startups, combined with their extensive networks and accelerator backgrounds, we're poised to take the firm, its programs and community experience to the next level."

To learn more about River Ecosytem and the application process for the Fall 2017 River Accelerator program, visit the website at:

ARLOOPA's easy to use AR app and their work to help companies like the WWF make them a company to check out at AWE as well as in our Augmented Future

ARLOOPA is brining great AR experiences to the world.  They also provide valuable AR technology jobs to the Armenian people as well as AR content to help them. The company is currently working with brands, creative advertising agencies, museums, schools and cities on cost effective and fun AR experiences.

In May of this year WWF Armenia and ARLOOPA launched “Take a Photo with the Leopard” environmental information campaign in the country to raise public awareness on biodiversity conservation and threatened species. People could take an augmented photo with the Critically Endangered Caucasian leopard with their special ARLOOPA application.

The initiative captured audience’s attention at once. The marker has been scanned more than 4000 times and dozens of photos and videos have been posted on Facebook with special hashtag #LeoAlive in a week.  

Mr. Karen Manvelyan, Director of WWF-Armenia, said: “The use of modern technologies will increase the efficiency of the campaign helping to create a unique connection between man and nature”.

The application will be presented at AWE exhibition in booth #200 where everyone can feel the presence of leopard and make photos/videos with him. Please come and check out this wonderful company.  ARLOOPA will have the soon be adding a Donate button to assist WWF in fundraising activities.  

The ARLOOPA app is one of the best mobile VR apps that I have seen as far as simplicity and UI. Being able to record GIFs, Videos, take photos and share them makes ARLOOPA a company to watch as we move forward to an Augmented World

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