The Future Iz Meow!

AltspaceVR lives on to continue growing the VR community!

In an email statement sent to the AltspaceVR community last night it was revealed that Altspace is back.

Full Statement below. 

We're back! 

AltspaceVR lives on thanks to you

It has been a roller coaster of a ride for our team and our community since we announced that AltspaceVR was coming to an end. I am elated to follow up that dismal proclamation with some very good news: AltspaceVR is going to live on. You all made this happen by sharing memories, videos, tweets, and emails. You told the world how much AltspaceVR meant to you and how you had made good memories and lasting friendships. Your messages of encouragement brought us smiles during a pretty gloomy time.

Thanks to that outpouring of support, we’re now deep in discussions with others who are passionate about AltspaceVR who want to guarantee that our virtual oasis stays open. We feel confident saying to our community that you don’t need to find another place to meet your friends in virtual reality. AltspaceVR is not closing down. Thank you for fostering a wonderful place for people to meet, hang out, play games, attend meetups, get married, and above all, laugh. If you’re one of our SDK developers and you’ve made something in AltspaceVR, please know that your work still has a vibrant home. We’re excited to continue seeing the amazing and unexpected things you all create. We are so thankful that you, our hosts, and our community have made what AltspaceVR is today -- a place worth saving. 

I wanted to tell you this news as soon as possible, and will share more as soon as I can. We also want to apologize for any grief this caused you or your friends and we hope you’ll stick with us. We’ll be working to pump some life into AltspaceVR over the next few weeks and in the meantime, fill it with your shining avatar faces, catch up with friends, and meet new people from all around this wonderful world of ours."

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