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Radd3 hopes to bring NFL playbooks to VR and HTC believes in them.

Will NFL teams need VR specialists in the future?  Radd3 hopes so and is developing systems to adopt playbooks into VR where you could run the plays repeatedly until they're second nature? With the recent understanding of injuries in Football there is even a chance VR could help reduce these factors.  

Tech Crunch reports Radd3 closed a $2.2 million Series A round led by HTC.  Radd3 CEO Andrew Won told TechCrunch that it is more than just a financial investment that HTC has made in Radd3.  HTC will also be providing Radd3 access to valuable resources to help them grow. 

If Radd3 was to take off and get adopted by NCAA Football programs and then perhaps the NFL, could Vive be the official VR sponsor of the NFL? Looks like HTC is making some bold moves to make VR mainstream and lucrative despite Oculus/Facebook's head start.

Radd3 recently detailed their plans during an event put on by TechCrunch and the NFL, 1st And Future. This plan did also include a Gear VR version of their DimeTime program.

Image Credits: TechCrunch

Image Credits: TechCrunch

Check out more about Radd3 from 1st and Future.

Why memorize a static playbook when you could run the plays yourself in VR repeatedly with DimeTime until they're second nature? 

Information Source: TechCrunch

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