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Excedrin Unveils "The Migraine Experience" - World's First Augmented Reality Migraine Simulator.

Excedrin unveils The Migraine Experience, the world's first augmented reality migraine simulator, to unlock a new level of understanding around migraines and the impact they have on the daily lives of the 36 million sufferers in the U.S.

"Migraines are more than bad headaches – the pulsing pain can be debilitating, and the associated symptoms like nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound, really impact people's lives," said Dr. Elizabeth Seng, a New York based psychologist. "Migraines interfere with work, with people's social lives, emotional health and relationships. Unfortunately, migraines are largely misunderstood, often leaving sufferers feeling isolated and stigmatized."

Those around migraine sufferers often find themselves wondering what a migraine feels like. Excedrin® built the world's first migraine simulator, so sufferers can now receive the empathy they deserve. 

The Migraine Experience is the first simulator designed to give non-sufferers the chance to safely experience symptoms of a migraine including disorientation, aura, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. By using augmented reality, a non-sufferer experiences his or her everyday scenario while the migraine symptoms alter what they're actually seeing or trying to do.

"We created The Migraine Experience to foster a new level of understanding between migraineurs and non-sufferers," said Scott Yacovino, senior brand manager, U.S. Pain Category. "We're simulating the symptoms of a migraine – everything but the pain – because experiencing is believing. Using technology to drive human emotion to help migraineurs feel better understood – allowing non-sufferers, for the first time, to see what it's like to have a migraine."

As one of the first brands to leverage augmented reality technology to conceptualize a health condition, Excedrin® is proud to be driving the category toward fostering a more understanding, empathetic environment for sufferers.

Excedrin® is partnering with Andy Cohen, NY Times Best-Selling Author, TV personality, producer and expert in navigating relationships from housewives to reality stars, to help spread awareness and discuss the impact migraines can have on relationships with friends, spouses and co-workers.

"Growing up with migraines, I experienced firsthand how debilitating an episode can be and how much it can affect relationships with loved ones," said Andy Cohen. "In my experience, both personal and professional,I've seen how migraines can become a third party in relationships – creating tension in, sometimes, already murky waters."

To bring The Migraine Experience to life, Excedrin® brought together real sufferers in different types of relationships with non-sufferers – mother/daughter, girlfriend/boyfriend, co-workers and friends.

Each migraine sufferer explained the symptoms they most often experience during an episode, including aura, disorientation, and blurred vision. The symptoms were then replicated for their non-sufferer counterpart, conducted in a controlled environment, using augmented reality technology to alter their experience of everyday life – from riding the subway to going to a restaurant.

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