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The SVVR GDC Party: Good Friends, Good Music, & Holy Shit MicroDose VR is F'N Dope!

So due to work obligations I had yet to set foot on the GDC floor when I arrived at the SVVR GDC party. I want to thank Karl and the SVVR team for the invite cause it helped me to put things in perspective and keep my sanity. That being said, Android Jones's Microdose VR is dope and is a must try experience for those into "dance" culture.  How have I not tried this yet. 

Seriously I went to check it out because Zack from SubPac has never let me down with a demo ever since he showed me the Run The Jewels 360 video. What I didnt realize is that it actually would make me feel like I was on acid. I mean the visuals are there but I guess you can say you can get that with Tilt Brush but in Microdose VR I legit felt a mental elevation that my eyes were closed and I was in my own head seeing these visuals. You can check out more in the video including the great DJ set featuring Microdose VR visuals and a 15 second interview with Android Jones. 

But enough about my really just wanting to take acid at festivals...wait I mean SVVR was a great place for people to just relax and enjoy that they are in the early stages of the future of immersion. We may all end up stuck in the Matrix but for now it is really fun. The SVVR party made me just want to take it all in right now. Enjoy it while its here.

We are going to look back at these times as the glory days. Some of the people attending the party maybe the future millionaire and billionaires of the industry. I took it all in and thought long and hard about the future.

Predictions...sort of.

1. Enflux Smart Clothing will be a very successful company in the sports training world. Why?    That team never stops demoing, in fact they demoed to me twice that night. 

2. Zach from SubPac will help adoption of VR through the visibility of strategic media    partnerships. Probably use that power for good.

3. Greg Gopman will use that chip on his shoulder to prove the VR world something? I don't know what it is. Probably use that power for good. That dude can take a societal punch. 

4. Music not gaming will be how we can really get to the next step in VR . Where would the iPhone be with out the iPod first?

Check out more from SVVR in the video below, its short cause the one above is long. Peace.

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