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PSVR’s Bravo Team Is Getting An Aim Controller Bundle

Until Dawn developers, Supermassive have been on a PSVR role as of late. The team launched the very well received survival horror game "The Impatient" last week and their PSVR launch title Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood received great reviews from noted game journalists like Jim Sterling.

Well their upcoming VR shooter Bravo Team launches on March 6th and it will be available in a PSVR Aim controller bundle. This is the second bundle to feature the Aim controller, following the one that launched with Farpoint. That bundle sold out quickly and only recently saw some restocks. Though only a few games support the Aim controller it does make the experience of games that do like Doom VFR way more immersive. 

In Bravo Team, you and your teammate are totally surrounded. Trapped in hostile territory,  Only cool thinking in the heat of battle will see you through to the end of your mission. The game packs a variety of shotguns, pistols and automatic weapons into a very Time Crisis-like experience. The PlayStation aim controller should make the gritty, guerrilla warfare of Bravo Team a PSVR highlight of 2018. 

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