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Get your game on with SportsBar VR for Playstation VR. Out Today.

Another VR game has come out for the Playstation VR for those looking for some additional content for your library. This may actually be the best title for those who work for a VR but need a break from the office but it's like 2 in the afternoon. 


Perilous Orbit and Cherry Pop Games released today their VR-enabled collection of pub games, SportsBar VR , for Sony's Playstation®VR in North America. SportsBar VR drops players into a fully immersive VR pub, where they can hang out with other players while battling in multiplayer pub pastimes like pool, darts and skeeball.


Much more than a collection of popular pub games, SportsBar VR gives players the ability to interact with the 3D world around them -- and to get rowdy! All set within an interactive virtual sports bar, SportsBar VR enables up to six players to play games ranging from air hockey to pool to darts, hang out, chat, roam the bar, or even make up their own challenges -- like throwing cue balls, smashing bottles and much more. Loosen up in the virtual bar without ever drinking a single drop of beer!


SportsBar VR Gameplay Features:

Tons to Do: Darts, pool, air hockey, skeeball and more. Just about every classic pub game is here… All in beautiful, realistic 3D VR.

Go on, Make a Mess! Had enough of being a good sport? Then enjoy throwing bottles, cue balls and sticks around – nobody gets hurt and nobody has to clean up!

Hang with Friends: A fully immersive social setting enables you to simply hang out and chat.

An Amazing VR Experience: Sports Bar VR is developed from the ground up for VR. Experience a fantastic VR environment, right from the comfort of your own living room.


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