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AltspaceVR and Comedian Reggie Watts to debut new FrontRow VR event technology.

One of the things I really enjoy about AltspaceVR is the fact that it turns VR into a community focused non isolation filled experience. Today AltspaceVR continued to push social VR as well as the boundaries of their product with the announcement of FrontRow, new technology that gives everyone a front row seat to events in VR and gives hosts limitless capacity at their events. With FrontRow, thousands of people can attend an event together despite their geographic location and feel like they are there in person

The technology will debut on May 26th at 8:00 PM PT when musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian Reggie Watts will perform live to what AltspaceVR is saying may be one of the largest events ever attended inside VR. Register at to attend.

"Working with AltspaceVR has allowed us to create a digital stage, bringing our favorite comedians to an audience that was unimaginable even a few months ago,” said Brett Kushner, Director of JASH VR Studio. “Taking shows that might normally play in a 100-seat theater in Los Angeles and bringing them to an infinite-seat theater with a worldwide audience is proof that there's a global appetite for quality comedic experiences."

JASH has brought comics including Reggie Watts, Baron Vaughn, Brandon Wardell, Heather Campbell and Miles Stroth to perform in VR. JASH, among the pioneers in bringing comedy to VR, is now the first entertainment company to open a VR comedy stage, and is featuring Reggie Watts as it kicks off a new series of VR comedy programs.

“FrontRow allows everyone who attends to have a front row seat. Do you want to have a private party and attend the show with just your friends? You can do that,” said Eric Romo, CEO of AltspaceVR. “Do you want to enjoy the show just by yourself? You can do that. Do you want to have the traditional public event experience with 50 new friends? You can do that, too.“

With the VR Call feature, included when AltspaceVR is downloaded from Google Play, users can invite just their friends to enjoy an event in a private space. Users can join FrontRow experiences from a variety of VR platforms including Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and on mobile with Samsung Gear VR. AltspaceVR delivers a front row experience regardless if 40 or 40,000 people attend. 

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