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TheWaveVR team raises $2.5M from KPCB and others to help grow their interactive VR DJ/Production tool.

Well I woke up this morning in shock but not surprise to learn that The WaveVR team had just raised $2.5M from KPCB and others to help grow their interactive VR DJ/Production tool. 

Shocked because I have met Grimecraft, one of the primary architects of this amazing piece of software. Not surprised because I have met Grimecraft, one of the primary architects of this amazing piece of software. 

TheWaveVR is a VR platform for people who love music, enabling them to view, host and socialize in live and recorded shows worldwide, anytime, anywhere.  TheWave creates a VR venue where artists can perform live music by simply importing their tracks, customizing the visuals of the venue, and sharing virtual shows. Fans can attend via most major VR head mounted displays, interact with performers, socialize with friends, dance, paint and more.

Ever since I heard about TheWaveVR I thought this may be something that will be big and looks like investors share the same sentiments.

“TheWaveVR is building music experiences that can only exist in virtual reality. They're giving musicians superpowers they've never had before, and allowing listeners to experience performances in ways that have never been possible. We're excited to help them build this platform that will forever change the music industry,” said Anjney Midha, founding partner at KPCB Edge.

Photo Credit: Clarke Nordhauser

You may have not tried TheWaveVR yet but if you are into VR or even electronic music in general it is a must experience app.  Grimecraft, a game industry vet and SF based DJ  has been spending his time at conferences and VR events on an almost Fight Club like schedule(no sleep) to demo this to anyone interested. I knew it was something big when I saw the Tilt Brush team basically in awe of The WaveVR during a recent VR event. 

The company also announced that it has added David Wexler (aka Strangeloop) and Dave Haynes as advisors. Wexler is an audio-visual artist and founder of Strangeloop Studios in Los Angeles, CA. He is one of the most recognized live visual artists in the world, having worked with Flying Lotus, Skrillex, The Rolling Stones and more. Haynes is a longtime entrepreneur and currently on the investment team at Seedcamp. He was formerly a VP and part of the early team at SoundCloud, helping the company grow from launch to the world's leading online audio platform.

“We’re working toward empowering artists and music lovers alike and transforming the way people connect through music by building the world’s first musical metaverse in VR,” said Adam Arrigo, CEO of TheWaveVR. “Music creators will be able to fully customize how their audience experiences the music – whether that’s by transforming the venue from a realistic nightclub to outer space or putting on the most unimaginable light show ever.”

TheWaveVR will be unveiling the world’s first VR Rave at VRLA on August 5-6 in partnership with SubPac, Skullcandy, PhaseSpace and 3DLive. A curated list of DJs will be performing in the HTC Vive, while multiple attendees will wear positionally tracked Gear VR’s and SubPacs (subwoofer vests). The DJs will be performing in front of a giant 3D screen, so music lovers can also experience eye-popping visuals from the metaverse on 3D glasses

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